Flash 101: Surviving the Fiction Apocalypse

Grab a desk to crouch under, because class is in session. Our latest anthology tells of a future when Fiction As We Know It will be an epic memory. This anthology contains the best short shorts from around the world, as well as writing prompts and examinations of the genre.

“I love Fast Forward Press. The editors are devoted to flash fiction and showcase it superbly: their books are always clever, inventive, and as smart as they are fun to read. ”

-Tom Hazuka, Sudden Flash Youth, Flash Funny, and You Have Time For This

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The Incredible Shrinking Story, A Collection of Flash Fiction, Volume Four

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to enter a world of freaks and fantasies, literary contortionists and acrobats of language. This book contains 59 stories, ranging from 1,000 to 6 words, sure to tantalize and delight. More entertaining than a 3-ring circus and sexier than an orgy in a funhouse. Dive in, we dare you.

“Under the Big Top title page, with a lot to say but only a little space, small stories rise up in hot air balloons. It’s the style of the day, squeeze it and marvel at the random shapes, the scent of pine needles, a pot-smoking Santa, and a perfectly spheroid woman. Clowns, cheeseburgers, and silvery strangers. This is an incredible shrinking collection of everything everywhere.”

Barbara Henning, Cities and Memory

ISBN: 978-0-9817852-5-7
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Emily Avenue: A Flash Novel by Jeff Landon
Winner of the 2010 Flash Novel Contest!
“Emily Avenue tells the story of two brothers, one accident, and the people left behind. Hip, darkly humorous, and poignant without being sentimental, a strangely poetic coming-of-age story of fugitive innocence in a dangerously flawed word. Emily Avenue takes us into an oddly beautiful world of broken families and connections, lost and found.”
ISBN: 978-0981785219
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Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, A Collection of Flash Fiction, Volume Three
*Finalist for a 2011 Colorado Book Award!
“Unlike their less cool cousins—mix cd’s—a mix tape was an investment of time and attention from the creator, who had to stay present during its creation like a radio dj, cuing each song, trying to avoid too much lag between them. Dancing or singing or laughing along in real time. As each song etched itself onto the tape, you remembered why you loved it and why your future listener was going to love it, a collection of private jokes and memories between you… So enjoy these stories alone or rewind to the beginning of Side A and go along for the full ride. Like those mix tapes of old, take it as a special homemade message from our hearts to yours.”
-Nancy Stohlman, excerpted from the foreword
ISBN: 978-0-9817852-2-6

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Dream Koans

Short Fiction by M.V. Montgomery

“Dream Koans, which consists of various themes and statements, leaves the reader in awe of M.V. Montgomery’s imagination. (This book of) flash fiction ranges from exaggerated melodramatic scenes to ridiculous possibilities from unheard-of creatures. As an eclectic collection, it does not read so differently than Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons, and this is clearly its success. The multitude of characters–family, famous people, academics and animals–evokes an independent world…to me, it often reads like a Billy Collins book of poetry with all its cleverness, and at other times, like an Ernest Hemingway short story with its pathos.”

-Dustin Dill, from the back cover

ISBN: 978-0-9817852-3-3
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Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction, Volume Two
“Between the covers of Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction – Volume Two can be found the best writing under one thousand words published anywhere in 2009.  This collection has sixty-two stories—over forty more than the first volume—that vary between light and dark humor to more serious literary fiction, along with selections that do not fit into a single theme, but truly encompass the genre of flash fiction. Some of the best practitioners of the art, including  Linh Dinh, Jayne Anne Phillips, Bobbie Louis Hawkins, Barbara Henning, Félix Calvino, Charles Rutter, Faye Kicknosway, William Haywood Henderson, and Christophe Casamassima are joined by many other writers accomplished and emerging.”
Currently Out of Print.
Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction, Volume One
“At FF>> we believe we have the answer for your perpetually diminishing attention span: a story under one thousand words. We understand that your daily planner is filled with appointments, your to-do list is jammed, and it can be difficult to commit to reading something that would take more than a couple pages to finish. That is why we have pooled our talents with the aim of saving the experience of literature for you. Yes, you.”
ISBN: 978-0-9817852-0-2
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